My Everyday Carry

  I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I love the site Every Day Carry and figured it might be interesting to post my own. Below is a list of my current EDC, as well as a couple things not pictured.

I’m Having a Fire Sale!

…or I’m just selling some things. I have a propensity for collecting tech and other things or wanting new tech, so I’ve decided to get rid of some things in order to clean out my apartment, and get funds for new toys (or a wedding that I’m saving for, I suppose). Some of the things …

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Then vs. Than

This is a pretty random post, but it’s something that really bothers me (and I think my friend Steve would agree). A lot of people I know do not know the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’, so here it is: Then has to do with time or order of events. It’s linear. For example: I’m …

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The Force Unleashed

Yesterday I beat The Force Unleashed for Xbox 360. This was a game I had been looking forward to as a Star Wars fan and as a programmer. A few months ago I saw the type of work they were doing to make this world seem more realistic- better physics engines, smarter AI, etc.- and …

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New Post Soon

I know I’ve been slacking with posting lately; in my defense, I’ve been busy. I promise a new post is coming this week that will sum up my summer. Its been a summer for business and while I didn’t define it this way on the outset, the goal turned into increasing my revenue streams. But …

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Ace It Gum

This “test performance gum” really didn’t do anything for me besides make me want to vomit. Link