Tick Time Tracker

LifeHacker is a resource of infite knowledge. While reading the site today, I came across their write up on a site called Tick. This is a web-based, very AJAXy application that helps you budget your time spent on projects by allowing you to make Clients (or subjects) and then add projects you are doing. You …

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dXc Ramp Builders

Recently my brother had a skate ramp built in our back yard, and the company who did it, dXc Ramp Builders, did a great job on it. It’s sturdy, pretty big and put together well. My brother loves it. To check out pictures of it, you can go here. To contact dXc Ramp Builders, you …

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The Business

I seldom write about JLC Web Design on this site. Really, it’s only when I am doing a write up on a client site. I never really had much to write about. I guess now that it’s starting to take off, along with the fact that (even though it’s only been a week,) I am …

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