The Futureheads!

This band is really awesome, and its not really the type of music I listen too. They are from britain, and sing happy fun stuff. Songs like decent days and nights, le garage, Hounds of Love and Robot just put you in a really good mood, and the songs don’t get old. I must thank …

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A Sad Day….

Rodney Dangerfield died yesterday, at the age of 82. Read about it here Rodney was a funny guy. I always liked his jokes on marrage and his wife. “My wife likes to talk durring sex. I call her from the hotel.” So…RIP Rodney Dangerfield, 1921 – 2004

Green Day- American Idiot- 5

This CD is arguably the best they have done. Definatly the best since Dookie. The rock opera style album links many of the songs together to tell a story and “Jesus of Suburbia” and “St. Jimmy” are just…great. They take a number of shorter songs and link them together, and just…wow. You could get a …

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The Transition.

As it turns out, I hated the new layout, and am currently looking for inspiration on a new layout. If you know any sites you think might inspire me, let me know. As for right now, Its gonna remain like this. Hey- its functional. You can read what I write and that is important. Like …

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Ok Ok

I know i havent posted in a while, but ive been really busy. If you havent noticed, the face of revenge of the nerd has changed. Its still in the doin. I want to make all the pages dynamic, and there for it might take a little while. But when its up, it will be …

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O mans.

This is a general post, because, generally, its on a bunch of different things. First thing is first: News. I have been working and thinking alot about this site layout, and a new name for what is currently PCI. Both thus far have been complete failures. I want something new, fresh and sleek for this …

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