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Ship Your Podcast – A Done for You Podcasting Service

You know podcasting is the next big platform. You want to start your own, but it takes too much time. Where do you start? How do you make sure you’re consistent? Will you put in all that effort just to abandon it?

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Too Much do do

To have any podcast, there’ a TON of stuff you need to do. In order to set up the show, you need to:

  • Research and pick a name
  • Create artwork
  • Set up a website
  • License music

And for each episode, you need to

  • Research
  • Script
  • prep guests
  • Record
  • Edit
  • Publish
  • Publicize

…and the list goes on and on.

Podfade: Don’t Become Inactive

It’s no wonder most podcasts don’t make it past 7 episodes. As many as 75% experience what’s called podfade. They become inactive. And it’s easy to see why.

4-6 Minutes of Work = 1 Minute of Content

You have to put 4-6 minutes of work in for every 1 minute of finished content. If you want a 30 minute podcast, you’re looking at 2-3 hours of work.

What if you could just press record?

Your message is worth hearing. You have a lot of knowledge and you know podcasting is the best way to share it.

I will get you to 8 episodes and beyond. With my Ship Your Podcast service, I will take care of everything from setting up the podcast and putting it on Apple Podcasts to researching, recording, and publishing episodes. All you need to do is show up and press record.

As someone who’s been podcasting and teaching for a long time, I can help you put together a great show. We’ll figure out the story you want to tell, then we’ll take your audience on that journey. Think of me as your own personal producer.

Launch your podcast today. Go to to learn more and sign up.

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