WordPress and .gitignore

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In the coming weeks I’ll likely put a lot of my own personal code (as in, not code people pay me to write) in public repos on Github. A lot of my work is WordPress related so I’ll make a local repo at the root of some WordPress install as to not complicate things. In order to make sure I don’t put up something unintentionally (like say, my wp-config.php file), I’ve created a more thorough .gitignore than what I have seen from automatic generators. If you’re interested, I put it into a Github Gist, so you can just copy and paste it. If you think I’m missing something or am wrongfully excluding something, leave a comment on the gist!

Github Gist: wordpress-ignore


I’ve already gotten a few comments on this! Thanks to Colin for adding his comment to the gist on how he’d do this. You can read it here.

I also had a conversation on Twitter this morning that clarifies why I did it this way. Read that here or click through on the tweet below.

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