Earmarks = Greediness

Roland Martin, with his never ending fountain of wisdom, has another commentary on CNN, this time scrutinizing John McCain for speaking out again earmarks. He claims that no one cares about pork barrel spending. That if people really care we will do something about it. I guess he did some pretty substantial research on this topic, though he doesn’t present it. The real scoop is this: most politicians are greedy, want to keep their spots in Congress, and think pet projects will guarantee that. It’s the president’s job to fix that.

It’s no secret our political system is breaking. “Our” representatives care more about themselves and their ideologies than what is really best for the country. John McCain should be praised rather than scorned, especially by someone who claims to like him. Earmarks is how we got here in the first place. I was never one to criticize George Bush but he as someone claiming to be conservative, spent way too much. Now we are at a critical point where too much spending will ruin us and Congress doesn’t seem to care. Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats just want to push their agenda. And well, Republicans don’t really know their ass from a hole in the wall. That means it’s up to the President to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen. He has veto power and if he really wants to curb spending, he should use it.

Martin also talks about how we, the people should give the money back. I guess he forgot that some Republican governors aren’t taking the pork money for their state. But that wouldn’t really help him with his point. He is right about one thing though. We can do something- when 2010 comes, we can elect officials we know won’t spend nearly as much.