YouTube – Nancy Pelosi

YouTube – Nancy Pelosi: Dumber than Soap.

In the video, Ms. Pelosi makes the statement that every month we go without a stimulus package, 500 Million Americans lose their job. That is a pretty astounding number considering the population is 330 Million. But Ms. Pelosi knows that number is incorrect. She is just trying to scare the public to get the nearly $900 Billion stimulus package passed.

While I agree that something should be done to help Americans, like public projects to create jobs, a lot of this bill is pork. A lot of it is going to state-run and state-funded programs, which federal tax money should not be paying for especially considering the national debt. Unless it will stimulate the economy (IE create jobs->put more money in middle class pockets->increase spending->generating more cash flow for everyone), it should be removed from the bill. There is a reason 0 Republicans voted for the bill.

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  1. I’m pretty sure she just misspoke and meant to say “5 million Americans”, but I agree that there is too much pork in the bill.

    What I’d love to see is a serious attempt to restart something like the WPA to rebuild our massive and crumbling infrastructure, but with a focus on sustainable materials and renewable energy.

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