Catwoman….The worst ever.

Where should i begin. “The day I died, is the day i began to live.” G- that hasent been used in a fucking million movies. and that was the god damn theme of the movie. There was not one moment of this movie i enjoyed. Not one thing to save this movie. Not even Halle Barry being hot could save this movie. and there are a million spoilers in this. Not that the movie wasnt TOTALLY Predictable- because it was. So Patience is her name. Cute. She a shy little not so outspoken girl, WHO GOES AT MID-FUCKING-NIGHT to drop off an Ad Project shes been working on. Then she goes into the door that says “RESTRICTED FUCKING AREA.” a Woman who can say ‘yes’ to a cup of coffee goes into a restricted area of a building shes never been to before, to drop off an ad. Not only that, but apparently a guy who is developing this miracle cream is conducting a meeting at midnight, saying the cream fucks up your face if you stop using it. But they never say why. Rule: –If there is some scientific thing in a movie, it must be explained, to make the movie seem real.– Anyway, one thing leads to another, and she ends up getting flushed into a river, where a magical cat breaths life into her, and makes her a catwoman. Rule: –IF a super hero is born, there must be an explanation.– Examples: Batman: Parents killed, trains whole life to fight crime. Spiderman: Radioactive Spider. This is also explained more, but idk the explanation. Superman: From another planet, gets powers from the sun.
So, now she doesnt know whats going on. a crazy cat lady does. Tells her. We have a stupid idiot of a hero, who is framed for not one, but 2 murders, and is caught by the guy who she is sleeping with. Big sad story, “You can trust me.” LAme flash back story of when the first met, he now must find the real killer. Confronts her face to face, he isnt wearing a vest. she shoots him in the sholder, then guess who saves him. O yeah- that cream, if you keep using it, it makes your face hard as a rock. The final fight is between the actual murder, some woman, and catwoman. i wonder who wins.
O yeah- the guy who plays “The Merovingian” is in this movie. I fucking hate that guy. and every cliche line is in this movie, and some really bad puns. like “get your paws off of me.”
Worst Movie Ever. Spend it on something better, like VD. Later


  1. my question to you is…. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE?! you going to see catwoman is almost as dumb as catwoman walking into that restricted building. next time you get the urge to see a movie such as catwoman, stop, breathe in, take a baseball bat, and bludgeon yourself. bad joey, bad!

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