Join Me for CigarCamp at WordCamp US!

With WordCamp US quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to have an informal CigarCamp US while everyone is in town. Here are the details:

Location: Ashton Cigar Bar (map)

Date: Friday, December 4th

Time: 9:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Head on over to the site and sign up! There will be cigars, scotch, and WordPress talk. And your first cigar is free thanks to our generous sponsor WP101.

Sign Up For CigarCamp US


**If you would like to sponsor the drinks (or second round of cigars) for the event, you can reach out to me. I would love you forever.

The Alec Bradley Black Market will Keep You Warm this Winter

Here in Scranton, Fall quickly turns to Winter, and while we have been spoiled with nice weather lately, that’s bound not to last. As the weather gets colder I don’t smoke as often, but when I do one my favorite go-to Winter cigars is the Alec Bradley Black Market.

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2015 Gift Guides

It has become a bit of a time-honored tradition for me to do gift guides around the holidays. This year I decided instead of making yet another post, I’ll create this page and child pages that I can update each year. I have some big plans for when I (finally) redesign this site, but for now, check ’em out:

What other gift guides do you want to see? I was thinking about putting together one for cigar smokers as well as some stuff I use every day. Have an idea for a guide I could make? Leave it in the comments!

Announcing WP in One Month

I’m passionate about is teaching. I speak at conferences, write tutorials and books, developed and teach courses. Last week, An Event Apart hosted a Front End Development Round Table and the question, “What makes a senior developer,” came up. The general feeling was someone who can do and teach makes a senior developer. This reinforced what I already thought: teaching is an incredibly important aspect of any job or community. That’s why I’m super excited to announce WP in One Month.

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Have Passion in what You Do

Recently I turned 30 and I thought about writing a blog post about the ‘event’. I offer a lot of advice on this site so I figured I’d post an article called, “30 Things I Learned by 30” or something like that. I wasn’t really in love with the idea, but it was the best I had. That is, until someone referred to me as a, “Disney Freak.”

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Have Empathy When Teaching

I was recently having a discussion with a fellow WordPresser on the topic of teaching and she raised a very good point.

I’ve noticed with people…that they forget what they didn’t know in the beginning.

This is not only a fantastic point (and something I have been guilty of), but it’s a bit of a problem for people who teach, especially in my field – programming. It’s incredibly important to have empathy for your students when you’re teaching them a difficult subject.

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Alex King’s Advice

It’s been a few days since the news broke of Alex King’s far-too-soon passing. There has been an incredible outpouring from a community he affected in such a deep way. I decided to wait a few days to write my thoughts for a few reasons, the main one being I’m not really sure what I could say that hasn’t already been said. I spoke with Alex a couple of times, once while I was interviewing with Crowd Favorite. The other was at Pressnomics 2.

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Add IE Conditionals to wp_enqueue_style

When creating a WordPress theme, it’s best practice to use wp_enqueue_style for adding all stylesheets, including style.css. At first glance, this can pose a challenge if you want to conditionally include CSS based on the browser (like IE-only styles, for example). Luckily, there is a quick way to do this in WordPress using $wp-styles:

global $wp_styles;
wp_enqueue_style( 'jlc_ie_styles',get_template_directory_uri() . 'css/ie-style.css', array(), '1.0.0' );
$wp_styles->add_data( 'jlc_ie_styles', 'conditional', 'IE' );

The code above calls on the $wp-styles class to associate our IE-only stylesheet (by tag/name/slug) with a condition, the condition being “IE.” If you wanted IE 9 and below, you could do this:

$wp_styles->add_data( 'jlc_ie_styles', 'conditional', 'lte IE 9' );

This is a great (and best practice) way to conditionally call styles. You can see more examples with comments over in this gist by wpscholar.