College is not the Best Time of your Life

We are at the end of April, which means a few things. Soon I’ll be able to smoke cigars on the roof of my building. The sun will be out regularly. People will be graduating from high school and college. When I was in school I heard, “Enjoy college. It’s the best time of your life.” When I was graduating, I heard that we needed to savor every moment of our senior year because, “College is the best time of our lives.” And now ever year since I started teaching college, I’ve heard the same things from students. I’m here to tell you something very important: College is not the best time of your life.

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6 Months Being in a Coworking Space

Over the summer I gave a TEDx talk all about coworking spaces and how they can not only improve a city’s facade and modernize its facilities, but also promote a sense of community and keep people in the area. This was right before I got my new job and Coalwork (Scranton’s #1 coworking space) opened up. Now, 6 months into being full time at a coworking space, I can honestly say it’s something everyone should experience.

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Creating the Guest List for Your Wedding

As many have told us, Erin and I are working pretty quickly through our wedding planning list. We already have a venue, a photographer, a DJ, color schemes, and some other odds and ends. The thing we are a bit stuck on right now is the guest list. Perhaps it’s a bit taboo to talk about this since we are still making it, but it’s a very important task and a possible big point of conflict, and not just between you and your fiancee.

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It’s Baseball Season

The Yankees start today. After this particularly long, snowy winter, I’ve really been looking forward to the season…

It will be weird not see Jeter start for the first time since I became an active baseball fan though.