Enjoy a Summer’s Night with the Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto

Summer is in full swing and there is nothing better than a beautiful night with a fine drink and a cigar. This summer I’ve been enjoying a wealth of different cigars, including the Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto Tubo.

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100 Words 014

There’s drama in the WordPress community today, which happens about monthly seeming on the last day of the work week. Today’s is about being polite when shooting people down. This tweet by friend & instigator Ryan Duff is a good starting point.

The problem is many coders think:

  • They are smarter than everyone.
  • Everyone should know what they know.

During a workshop I attended, a presenter made it seem like WordPress was so easy. “GEE I WONDER HOW YOU ADD A POST?” This is insulting and makes people feel stupid. I wonder how many wanted to use WordPress after that.

100 Words 013

I missed yesterday’s post so today might be a two-for. As a short followup to a blog post I made a few weeks ago regarding the iPhone, I was convinced to use it a little longer.

I have gotten used to the phone a bit and have noticed some improvements along the way. It seems iOS 8.3 has added something of a back button in situations which is nice. Apple Pay is great, and the battery life is amazing.

I still miss Android’s sharing, but I do find myself really enjoying the good parts of iOS. I look forward to iOS 9.

100 Words 012

Writing is hard! Sure, knocking out 100 words here and there about some topic is relatively easy, but I mean really writing.

Over the weekend I wrote a 3000+ word article for a publication that I’ll be able to announce later this summer. It took me the better part of a working day to do it. Here’s why.

It’s not just, “write.” I need to outline, make sure  the flow works, research, write, find images, test code (if needed), proofread, check word count, proof again.

I want to make sure the article is done well, and done right. Luckily, there are editors :-)

100 Words 011

In under a year, I am getting married and moving to Allentown, PA to start a wonderful life with my best friend and favorite person. Because of that, I have been clearing house in my apartment.

Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Since my freshman year of college, I’ve stayed in this apartment longer than any other place, and stuff has been building up. I go through my closets regularly looking for stuff to donate and sell.

It’s really liberating: less clutter, less worry to about. I’ll need to remember that next time I go to buy something.