When You Freelance, Make Decisions & Stick to Them

I almost called this one, “Trust and be Trusted, but don’t betray your business.” That’s the gist of the next two stories. It’s easy to make concessions when you’re freelancing, especially when business is slow. You need the work and you’re willing to bend your rules a little bit to move the chains, or bump the bottom line, or whatever metaphor you want to use for, “make more money.” But that might not always work out. I wrote this article in a notebook while on vacation, about 1 month before starting the book Start with Why. I’m happy to say this book reinforced the sentiments of what I’m about to share with you: When you make decisions for your business, stick to them.  Continue reading “When You Freelance, Make Decisions & Stick to Them”

Should we Charge Extra for IE Development?

The exact question was worded this way: Has the time come to charge clients extra for getting their site to work in any version of IE? It’s an interesting question to say the least, and one that comes up every so often when a developer is frustrated with something that works fine in Chrome/Firefox/Safari but not IE. There’s not really an easy answer to this because it all depends on why this question gets asked so often. There is a difference between charging more because of a project’s complexity and charging more because you don’t want to deal with something.

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Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, & the United States 240 Years Later

Perhaps at this point, you’ve heard of the bastard, orphan, immigrant presently featured on the $10 Bill (though he’s actually been on all of them). I’m talking about Alexander Hamilton, the founding father who’s seen a resurgence thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s incredible musical, Hamilton. And you know Thomas Jefferson, the founding father whose popularity is rivaled only by George Washington’s. I’ve been thinking a lot about these guys thanks to a book I recently read called Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry that Forged a Nation. But that’s not the only reason; today is the 240th Anniversary of the United States becoming an independent nation. 2015-2016 has been politically tumultuous and things don’t promise to get much better as we enter the primaries. However, I am reminded that there have been worse times, and our republic has survived. It’s almost a quarter of a century old, and that’s incredible.

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